All Environmental Engineering Core Facility (EECF) users must meet with the safety officer (Jackie Cooper) prior to participating in research activities. The safety officer will provide a safety tour of the lab and a copy of the lab’s Chemical Hygiene Plan. A Lab Safety Quiz will be taken at the completion of the tour for documentation purposes. The signed document will be maintained by the safety officer.

UW-Madison Health and Safety Department, Phone 608-265-5000

UW Safety Department safety training power point presentation:

Material Safety Data Sheet links:

UW-Madison Health and Safety Department’s safety guide (chapter 7 discusses proper chemical waste disposal):

There is the possibility that users may need to enter a lab that is designated as Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) to access instrumentation. These lab spaces have stricter safety requirements and users will be trained on these as needed.

Additional information on Biosafety can be found via the UW Office of Biological Safety website: